Building trust, security & partnerships.
JAYMJAY strive to have close relationships with all of our partners and customers to build long-term success & profitable growth. In order to succeed at this, we have a full-service integrated approach to meet your needs and build your brands.


Highly experienced relationship-builders.

JAYMJAY’s sales team are experts at placing your product with the right customer. They provide additional customer support to secure that each brand is executed according to brand guidelines to achieve maximum impact with consumers. Given our long-standing company, our sales team has built strong partnerships with retailers across Scandinavia and BeNeLux which we are in daily contact with, and strong local knowledge. Let us find the right places to sell your brands and make them a success in Scandinavia and BeNeLux.


Supporting you from start, to finish, and beyond.
JAYMJAY’s customer service team is here to give you professional and helpful service at speed. Whatever your requirements may be, we will support you throughout the process to ensure that your needs are met.


Making the journey smooth.
With specific skills and experience in importing from Europe, the United States and Far East, JAYMJAY can ensure a smooth and easy distribution process from start to finish. After operating in the business for such a lengthy time, we have the established processes’ & knowledge in place to distribute across Scandinavia and BeNeLux. You don’t need to worry about the challenging import requirements, we do that for you.


Perfectly activating your brands.
JAYMJAY’s expert-performing marketing department maximizes visibility and reach for your brands, by leveraging global brand guidelines and adapting them based on our local market expertise. Our activations deliver top quality executions that are best in class.


A Zero-Risk partnership.
JAYMJAY’s secure financial situations mean zero risk for our partners and retailers. To make sure business is smooth, our skilled team has routine accounting processes´ in place. It is key for us to provide you with a solid & stable foundation for long-term success.

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