JAYMJAY – forty years of distributing high quality fashion brands throughout Scandinavia

This family-based company is committed to a ‘passion for fashion’, where the founders, Marie & James Clark, started their journey way back in 1980.

Their first venture was a sales-agency, focusing on various clothing brands from northern Italy. During the almost twenty years of hard work put into the company while in Italy, they acquired unique knowledge of the fashion culture from within. Due to their comprehension and industry-focused skills, they gained the confidence of some of the world’s top brand producers and have continued to have personal relationships with many of the leading figures in the international fashion business. Building strong relationships is a key value that is an essential part of JAYMJAY.

In the next part of their journey within the industry, Marie & James relocated their business to Scandinavia in 1997, where they were able to obtain a competitive distribution advantage. Something that is still true today, together with their business-partner Andreas Nilsson, as is their burning ‘passion for fashion’.

For the past forty years, JAYMJAY distributes nothing but the highest quality fashion brands. Now bringing more than 30 collections to over 600 boutiques throughout Scandinavia and BeNelux. In a market segment where business relationships need to instill confidence, trust and dependability, JAYMJAY continues to provide highly professional and reputable relationships with producers, suppliers, and customers.

The headquarters are located in Landskrona, Sweden, housing a professional customer service-team consisting of finance, logistics, marketing and PR functions. The highly qualified and motivated staff are always available to provide support, as are they the essence of JAYMJAY’s values of loyalty, providing dependable client services and trustworthy, long-lasting relationships, is at the core of the company.

There are a permanent showroom which is located in the city-center of Copenhagen at Hammerensgade 4,  Denmark. 

JAYMJAY is a family-based company, united by the burning ‘passion for fashion’ and with the courage to put it all on the line, to dare when others do not!