About us

The founders of JAYMJAY, Marie and James Clark, started as an agency for various clothing brands in 1980 in northern Italy.

After ten years of hard work, thanks to a burning passion for fashion and courage to put it all on the line, their company had not only gained the confidence of some of the world's top brand-producers, they also knew the special fashion culture from within and had personal contacts with many of the leading figures in the international fashion-business. When the two founders decided to set up in Scandinavia in 1997, this would prove to be a great competitive advantage.

Twenty years later, we distribute nothing but brands and collections from the highest levels of fashion.



JAYMJAY’s headquarter is located in Landskrona, Sweden, housing a professional customer service-team which works with finance, logistics and marketing, as well as in-house press and PR office. The qualified and motivated staff carries the core company values at heart: loyalty, personal services and building long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.

Our three permanent showrooms, which are fully owned by JAYMJAY, together cover 1400 m2 and are located on Amaliegade 26-28 in Copenhagen - only 50 metres away from the residence of the Danish Royal family. 

We distribute more than 20 collections to more than 450 boutiques over the entire Scandinavian area. In a market segment where business-relationships must be strong, long-term and highly professional and require a foundation of confidence in the expected quality in every aspect. 

JAYMJAY is and will always remain a family-based company, united by the burning passion for fashion and by the courage to put it all on the line, to dare when others do not!

Company Structure