Tradition, rigor and constant stylistic research are the elements that best exemplify the timeless style of a brand that has written its own story through minimal and sophisticated collections. 

Aspesi S.p.A, founded in Legnano by Alberto Aspesi in 1969, was born as a company specializing in the production of shirts then emerged themselves as a brand producing casual clothes, known and appreciated for the use of exclusive and avant-garde fabrics. With unconventional spirit and the "no-logo" philosophy, Aspesi is made for clients in search of timeless garments.

The love for art remains a key value of the brand, from photographic images to architecture, with Aspesi stores featuring works by contemporary artists. 

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”100% Made In Italy and we love specifying “Made in Naples”

Barba Napoli is a casual luxury lifestyle brand operating in the high-end clothing market specialized both in men’s and women’s wear.  

The brand has an international reputa­tion of more than 20 years for its high quality sartorial handmade shirts. The Barba shirt talks about status and it goes beyond the necessity to indicate fashion trends. Its originality is about timeless authenticity and the accurate quality is fused to a continuous fabric and cut research and innovation.

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The Venetian term “barena”, of Celtic origin, is little-known in Italian, and indicates the territory of the lagoon between land and water. A love for this unique place, a curiosity and desire to penetrate a centuries-old tradition and research the manners and fashions of great charm, together with a know-how handed down over generations - all these things lead up to the birth of the BARENA brand. 

Each of BARENA’s collections respects tradition and unites this with the use and interpretation of high-quality, natural fabrics, from wool to linen, the choice of which is dictated by a wish to safeguard the heritage of the textile tradition. Special attention is paid to the details and finishings which render each BARENA garment distinctive even in its simplicity.

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The Boglioli story dates back to the early1900s when the Boglioli family opened a men’s tailoring business in the Italian town of Gambara. Having established a reputation for elegant designs, in 1970 Boglioli started to share its craftsmanship expertise by manufacturing clothes for other houses.

In the 1990s Boglioli began once again to focus exclusively on creating its own-label pieces. This marked a new chapter for the brand, with a meticulously tailored, deconstructed look quickly becoming the Boglioli signature.

Since 2000, the house’s turnover has grown substantially and the distinctive aesthetic is now celebrated internationally.  

Today, Boglioli is owned by Wise, an Italian private equity fund. The company, however, remains faithful to its roots, its dedication to achieving the highest possible quality and its unique take on menswear staples.  

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Canali has been a paradigm of tailor-made Italian luxury and men's elegance for more than 80 years. Since 1934, it has been promoting the values of Made in Italy excellence through its artisanal know-how, creating sartorial masterpieces of exceptional wearability and comfort in a perfect balance of elements that blends culture and history with style and taste. The Canali Tailoring Principle uses innovation to achieve aesthetic perfection, continuously renewing its styles with a meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium fabrics.

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Since Ermenegildo Zegna decided to make use of his father Angelo’s looms in 1910, the brand has been in the care of its founding family. What began as one man’s passion to create the finest textiles with the purest of fibres has evolved into a global luxury group, with a product offering that includes fabrics used by much of the luxury sector, ready-to-wear lines, accessories, eyewear and fragrances. Ermenegildo Zegna has over 550 monobrand stores and revenue that stands in the billions, making it the largest menswear brand in the world.

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GCDS, aka ‘God Can’t Destroy Streetwear’ is a Made-In-Italy streetwear brand founded in 2015 by the brothers Giuliano and Giordano Calza. Giuliano Calza is the Creative Director of GCDS and Giordano Calza is the CEO. The brand has grown into one of the most coveted emerging brands thanks to its ironic graphics, catchy slogans and unexpected capsule collaborations attracting the likes of international influencers such as Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Lil’Yatchy

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HAND PICKED is a vintage product line with a fresh approach to design; it is the natural expression of all of Giada S.p.a.’s 30 years of expertise and mastery in manufacturing for the flagship brands of prêt-à-porter. Entirely Made in Italy, Hand Picked is designed for clients who value great attention to detail; impeccably wearable it is articulated in natural materials—all values encapsulated in the dark, luscious, red-veined leaf on the Hand Picked logo.

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KARL LAGERFELD is licensing with GIADA S.p.A. for a premium, 100% "made in Italy" denim line for men and women. 

The KARL LAGERFELD DENIM collection will offer a wide range of premium quality styles. Designs will include luxurious finishes like selvedge seams, lurex texture effects and unique coatings.

Silhouettes range from "skinny" to "girlfriend", "boyfriend" and "biker" fits, as well as denim dresses, shirts, jackets. JAYMJAY distributes both the menswear and womenswear collections.

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McQ Alexander McQueen

Defined by Lee Alexander McQueen himself as "younger and more renegade but always signature McQueen," McQ offers immaculately crafted clothing and accessories that can be worn day or night. Rebellious and irreverent, the collections draw inspiration from urban streetwear and youth subcultures. With Sarah Burton now at the helm, look out for the label's embellished knitwear, tartan pants and leather jackets.

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1733 is the official date of birth of the Fratelli Piacenza wool mills, when Pietro Francesco Piacenza (1697-1753) and his son Giovanni Francesco (17271796) launched their business in the area of Paroir at Pollone, in the vicinity of Biella. 

The right balance between innovation and tradition, harmony with the environment and recognition of the value of human beings has made the Fratelli Piacenza wool mills an example of excellence of Made in Italy at international level. From top-quality fleeces to fabrics destined to be applied in haute couture or transformed into an article of clothing to wear, every single phase of the transformation is carried out with the greatest sensitivity.

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Rossignol Apparel is the new Business Unit founded in February 2015 by the Rossignol Group, with the mission to extend the values and appeal of the French brand into the Sport Chic Lifestyle segment. 

The time-honored legacy of the Grenoble-based Group, a world leader in winter sports, merges with high contemporary style, defining a unique balance between aesthetics and function that respects and projects the company’s tradition and expertise towards both a technical-active and an elegantly urban offer.

Flawlessly blending performance and elegance, comfort and refinement, the intrinsic values of Rossignol's DNA - inextricably rooted in its authentic origins and its 108-year history - converge in a project with a strong, clear identity. Envisioning a comprehensive wardrobe that develops the ski, après-ski and urban categories to cover all different usages and occasions, from the ski slopes to the international metropolis, from business to leisure, and from dawn to dusk.

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SLOWEAR is the brand that controls four top range companies that are all specialised in their respective product categories. All the collections with the SLOWEAR brand propose informal wear that have the same philosophy and product characteristics in common: modernity, very high quality fabric and a very distinctive look. Each garment is the result of a careful, tenacious process from design to manufacture. And the result is a product with a unique, timeless style. The SLOWEAR brands are: 

Incotex - only trousers since 1951
Zanone - only knitwear since 1986
Glanshirt - only shirts since 1960
Montedoro - only outerwear since 1958

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One of the longest established shoemakers in England, RE Tricker Limited was founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker. A reputation for outstanding manufacturing quality, established Tricker's as the maker of choice for heavy country boots and shoes to farm and estate owners and the landed gentry.

Living, walking heritage. Built to the same exacting standards that established Tricker’s reputation, the Tricker’s country boot today is a direct descendant of the boot Walter James Barltrop created at the tender age of 7. Today Tricker's boots and shoes are known for their exacting quality, incomparable comfort, individuality and irreproachable character.

Tricker’s shoes and boots are made on lasts and made to last. Looked after properly, there’s no reason why a pair of Tricker’s shouldn’t last you a lifetime. This is thanks to the incredible care and attention lavished on every Tricker’s shoe or boot by our craftsmen and women in Northampton – the traditional home of English shoemaking. Every single pair of Tricker’s boots or shoes is the result of 260 individual processes. All of them are carried out by master shoemakers who have learned their trade over many years.

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VILEBREQUIN is a luxury French brand, specialized in designer swimwear and ready-to-wear for men and women. The brand was created in 1971 in Saint Tropez by Fred Prysquel a photographer and sports automobile journalist. Named after the French word for "crankshaft", partly because the founder was a motoring enthusiast, and partly because he liked the odd sounding word, Vilebrequin has always retained a fun side, with its matching father-and-son shorts and jaunty prints. That is not, however, to discount the serious style and quality of Vilebrequin shorts, which are made in Europe, with 32 different manufacturing phases required for each pair. The label's head designer, Ms Isabel de Brito, designs the prints each season, starting with hand sketches before adding the vibrant colours for which the brand is famed.

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